There's heaps of reasons.

For a start, it's a trade with a future. Steel roofing has been around a long time, and to-day it's more popular than ever. There's no shortage of work and the demand for roofers is growing every day, in every part of Australia.

See Australia from a rooftop. Fancy a working holiday in Queensland, or maybe you'd like to check out some of the surf breaks in WA? Because of the demand for steel roofers, you can virtually pick and choose where you want to be.

Earn great money. You'll be surprised just how good the money is, especially as you gain experience.

Work outdoors. If the thought of working in an office or factory turns you off, this is the job for you.

Great hours. You start early, but you knock off early. That means the arvo is yours.

It involves mateship and teamwork. You'll work as a part of a team, and you'll learn a lot from the experienced blokes around you. (You'll have a lot of laughs too.)

Be your own boss. It's not just a job or a trade, it's a career with plenty of choices. And who knows, it could lead all the way to your own business if that's what you want. .